Splinter Cell: Pandora’s Tomorrow

This game is going to be the death of me, I swear. I CAN’T GET PAST LEVEL ONE! GAH! Can’t aim right, controls are all wonky and inverted, even if I change it. *mutter* At least Halo I’ve gotten the hang of and Counterstrike I’m pretty good at.

Stupid splinter cell. *stabs it*

Okay, so it looks like I really might do the BYU thing after all. o_O Huge change if I do, sorta scary and world-upending. FUN STUFF! Good boarding there. Mmmm. Boarding.

Right now it’s…2:51 a.m. Took a nap earlier, bad idea. Got whacked by a two by four of a childhood memory (*coughnoidon’thaveptsd*cough*). Finally went to nap and had two hours of those clammy drenching sweat nightmares. Well, at least I’ve figured out what they’re ABOUT.

But what to do?