Dear Ron Moore…

From: Jamie [jamie]
Subject: BSG Season 3 Finale Cliffhanger
To: Ron Moore [ron_moore]

Dear Ron,


Why can’t you write and/or produce a crappy show? I mean, if you did, sure, we’d all be denied compelling, fantastic storytelling, but then April through December of 2007 wouldn’t feel so long and shitty.

And I thought the summer between the Best of Both Worlds I and II was long.


Ron, I’m sorry to say, I fucking hate you sometimes.

Best Regards,

P.S. At some point in 2008, I won’t hate you anymore.

Enclosed: One of a Kind Cylon Flipoff

my thoughts on Cell

I finished reading Stephen King’s Cell yesterday. It had the makeup of something I would fantastically love—an apocalyptic zombie novel. Not only were there apocalyptic zombies, but the zombies are made by cell phones.

I fell instantly in love. Zombies! Apocalypse! Evil cell phones! (Even now, I’m very apprehensive about answer my cell phone. Not that I wasn’t apprehensive before, but now it’s gotten even worse. My friends now hate Stephen King).

I read. And I read and read and read, the book was really a page-turner (the sort of book that can wrangle my ADHD attention span for long lengths of time). It developed well, it was eerie, suspenseful. For me, it also had an added element of familiarity with the setting. That made it even more creepy (the creepiest moment for me in a King novel was when he once wrote something about going to the theatre in Conway, NH. Holy shit, I’ve been there!)

And so I loved it… all the way up until yesterday around 11:53 a.m.

You see, that’s when I got to the end. Only, it didn’t seem like the end. It seemed like a chapter end, yes. The kind of end where you say to yourself, “Self, let us continue on to the next chapter.”

And then you (and Self) notice that there’s his traditional tagline-ish endnote. You know the one (if you ever read any of his novels, which I do recommend) where he gives the date and place of where and when he finished the novel.

I felt lied to. “You are not done! I will turn the page and there will be another chapter!”

And there was another chapter… for another book. One of those previews of books to come.

But I will never know what happened with Clay and his son Johnny and their compatriots left in the northern unnamed counties of Maine. This makes me sad because I figured Cell to be a multi-time read. I’ve got several of novels that I’ve read multiple times—Ender’s Game, The Stand, An Unquiet Mind… the list honestly goes on and on. But Cell won’t be on that list because it’s promise is broken at the end. The story doesn’t finish. It ends in practically mid-sentence, as if your lover was shot in the middle of saying “I lo—”

More Comparison

Important Function Differences between the Rebel XT and the Original Rebel (from

Image Size
OdR—(RAW) 3072 x 2048
XT—(RAW) 3456 x 2304

Write to CF card speed comparison (from Rob Galbriath’s CF card database):
Using my fastest card, the Sandisk Ultra 1GB
OdR—1.232 MB/sec
XT—4.464 MB/sec

…that’s 3.6 times faster! The Sandisk Ultra 1GB is on the lower end of the CF card database for the XT. If I picked up a Sandisk Extreme III I could write up to 6.263 MB/sec, which is five times faster than the OdR.

Hot damn. Even a Sandisk Ultra II would write at 6.083 MB/sec.

Did I mention that I can finally use 1600 ISO and that’s part of why I can 1. bump the shutter speed up to 1/500 and freeze more blade movement AND the higher ISO also moves faster to grab the action.

Let’s compare, shall we? Same venue, same time of night, different cameras.

Technical Crap

    Original Image Size

  • OdR— 3072×2048 (shot aligned vertically)
  • XT— 3456×2304 (shot aligned horizontally)
    File Size

  • OdR— 36.1 MB
  • XT— 45.6 MB
    Shutter Speed:

  • OdR— 1/400 sec
  • XT— 1/500 sec

  • OdR— f/4.0
  • XT— f/2.8

  • OdR— 1600
  • XT— 1600

  • OdR— Sigma Zoom 1:2.8-4 28-70mm
  • XT— Sigma Zoom 1:2.8-4 28-70mm
    Focal Length

  • OdR— 47mm
  • XT— 28mm

Now for some visual comparison:

    Full Frame Maximum Quality JPEG image with size reduced to 25% of original (so it might have a chance to fit on your screen)

  • OdR
  • XT

200 by 200 pixel section at 100% zoom (lookin’ at some feet here):

OdR—    odr feet xt feet  —XT


Testing out the XT

The XT body writes to quickly to the card and shoots off bursts so much more quickly than the original dRebel that I almost wet myself the first time I used it.


Anyway. Here’s a few shots from the practice run at a club night.
I had no idea that the fencer on the left had dropped his weapon. No clue until I was browsing the images in my Photoshop CS image browser and I said, “When the hell did [fencer on the left] drop his foil?!”

This really doesn’t look right. Is he hugging him or something…else?

I don’t think you ever really got a good look at a fencer’s face with the original dRebel (OdR from now on). This one, you can see the amusement on his face!

Even in the air, Cole (fencer on the left), has a pretty good en guarde.

I love how it seems like they’re flying sometimes.

White men CAN fly.

I played with ISO (800 vs. 1600). 1600 ISO on the XT is better than 800 ISO on the OdR. Insanity. I also tried spot metering vs. evaluative metering in terms of getting the best DOF. Spot metering seems much better, but still, um, spotty.