Kotaku Gems

Cruising around kotaku instead of being productive, I decided to read the the article about the price-slashing war between GameStop and Wal-Mart. After breezing through the article, I started reading the commentary. Now, if you don’t read kotaku, you may not know that the commentary about the article can often be more interesting than the article itself. If you do read kotaku and don’t read the commentary, you’re missing out.

Anyway, I stumbled on this exchange about two-thirds of the way into the commentary thread (bit of comment that started the exchange highlighted in the first screenshot):

bungie are sadface


After all the hoopla over Bungie’s forthcoming E3 announcement, it got the stop from its publisher (Microsoft) and had to shelve the whole thing. Bungie went through a shitload of work, from what I could see, only to get everything stuffed by Microsoft. How much does that suck? And then, really kick Bungie in the junk, some xbox rep confirms that Bungie is working on a new Halo title. What a way to take all the glory from Bungie, especially after they went to all that trouble and build up.

GRRface, indeed.

a new level of geek

So I’ve reached a level of geek I never thought I’d even approach.

I’ve now played D&D. And not just, you know, played D&D, either. Instead, I am DMing a campaign. Just jumped right into the deep end, something I never do. (I mean, come on, the water is usually really freaking cold).

But you know what? It’s fun. That’s right, I said it. It’s FUN.

I mean, where else can you retaliate in a god-like way when someone annoys you?

So far, I’ve only played with Nathan and Ethan. But last weekend, we had this conversation:

Nathan: “I check the altar to see if it has anything inside it.”

DM: “It’s a solid stone block. Your check reveals a solid stone block.”

Nathan: “Okay, then. I want to smash something. Is there anything I can smash?”

DM: *withering look*

Ethan: *withering look*

Nathan: “Okay, I attack the pews.”

DM: “The pews are made of stone, like I said before. You break your sword.”

Nathan: “DAMMIT!”

Registered Users and Spam

I hate spam. Spammers need to die horrible ugly deaths fifty times worse than the guy who invented those little fucking ketchup packets.

I think I might have to start requiring folks to register before commenting. I’ve gotten a ridiculous amount of spam on my entries, all within the past few days. Before, I didn’t get ANY.

…who told!?