Made Me Laugh Out Loud

I picked up KRAD’s A Singular Destiny from B&N the other day (along with a few other books, as B&N is a very dangerous place). Yesterday I read one passage that was a list of Starfleet casualties from the most recent Encounter of All Encounters with the Borg (said Encounter happened in David Mack’s Destiny Trilogy, which was an epic awesomely made of mother-fucking win. Seriously, if you haven’t, you should read that shit, even if you aren’t a hardcore fan). No, the casualty list wasn’t the laughing matter, because that would be more than fucked up. Instead, it was a “name” in the list. The name?


I had to double and triple check to make sure I read it correctly (I actually just checked again). Yep, Frak was in fact a Starfleet casualty. Yet realizing how long the list was, Frak wasn’t a frakking laughing matter any more. All those dead people. Frak, indeed.

In E3 news


Microsoft, via Xbox Live, has teamed up with the SciFi Channel (among others) to bring content to Xbox Live. This means BSG is available for download in a format I can watch again. And by ‘is available,’ I mean it’s already available for download on XBL Marketplace, in both standard and HD formats.


In other E3 news, Bungie has some sort of super-secret-weird-thing going on and are taunting us about it. Supposedly, the announcement of whatever it is will be made in twenty-some odd hours.

Also (not in Bungie news, as it’s not a Bungie game), Fallout 3 looked especially awesome.

You’d think the SciFi channel would know better


As pretty much all of you know, I love Battlestar Galactica. While I have a cable, not everyone does. Why? Many reasons, ranging from cost to the fact that they watch very little TV. And in today’s time, you really don’t need a television to catch your favorite show.

Apparently, if you have a mac, this is not true. It wasn’t always so.

Once upon a time, iTunes and NBC got along fantastically. Then iTunes pricing scheme started rankling at NBC. Negotiations were had. Negotiations were unsuccessful. There was a nasty breakup worthy of a song by an emo band. Soon, NBC had taken up with the skanky ho that is Amazon Unbox. Okay, Unbox might not be a skanky ho. However, Unbox uses only Windows Media DRM, something Macs (unless they dual boot with XP or Vista) can’t decode.

Unbox also works with Tivo, but not all Mac users will have Tivos (just like not all mac users will dual boot). Many cable companies make it a true pain in the ass to use a Tivo instead of the DVR you can get from the company (my own cable provider included). Now, those Mac folks who dislike using Torrents and prefer the legal route, used to have Hulu as their answer. Hulu is pretty cool, it’s streamed TV shows with some limited advertisements (basically like commercials) in the streamed video. It used to be that BSG would be available about a day after it aired.

This is no longer so.

Unfortunately, (and fortunately), BSG is a show that compels its fans to watch as soon as a new episode airs. Or, in the case of cable non-subscribers, as soon as its available online (legally). BSG’s start and part of the reason it was able to continue in its early days was because of its availability online (albeit via Torrent at the time). BSG, I would gather, has a higher number of technologically savvy viewers. Viewers would would be using ‘alternative’ viewing options.

With Hulu delaying the airing by a week, with Unbox being incompatible with Macs, and with iTunes not carrying NBC shows (oh yeah, BSG is ‘owned’ by NBC and not SciFi or something like that), Mac users are left with the twitches and shakes of not having their BSG fix until a week after the fact.

Meanwhile, the friends of the now-twitchy fans have to keep their mouths shut for an extra week so they don’t spoil their friends. And we all know what happens if you spoil BSG for a friend.

Things worse than death itself.

What options are the mac-using fans left with?

  • Purchase Parallels (PPC macs)
  • Purchase BootCamp (Intel macs)
  • Purchase XP/Vista (after bootcamp or parallels)
  • Purchase a Tivo
  • Purchase cable


  • Aquire it via not-so-legal-means

I mean, for mac-using fans sans cable, getting their weekly BSG fix is like a heroin addict having the drug and desperately trying to find a clean needle.

C’mon SciFi and NBC. You should know better. Play nice with mac users. Don’t alienate any part of your fan base. Use a clean needle program.*

*I’m actually an advocate for real clean needle programs. But that’s another entry entirely.