Yesterday, Nathan decided to wake me up from a nap. As usual upon awakening, I wasn’t quite able to make use of the English language. Or any language, for that matter. The most I could get out to answer his questions was a muttering that can’t really be rendered with words. At most, it was an “Mmmargh” sort of sound.

Nathan asked, rather politely, “Could you please tell me the entomology of Mmmargh?”

My brain informs me that I must correct his word usage, but fails to convey most of the sentence. “Bugs,” was all that came out.

“Mmmargh means bugs? What?”

Brain is recovering. “Entomology is bugs. Etymology is words.”

“Okay, so what does Mmargh mean?”


“You can’t define a word with the same word.”

“Mmmargh,” I repeated.

“Okay, I know that one meant ‘shut the fuck up.'”

Finally, the boy is catching on.