If you ever want a show to scare the ever-living crap out of you and pique your interest all at the same time (I have to look but I don’t want to look but I have to look but I don’t want to look), Supernatural would be the show. Now, I watched The X-Files from start to finish, all seven (okay, nine, there I said it) seasons. At times, it did scare me. Once or twice, it freaked me out.

Already, Supernatural has gone far beyond that. I’ve watched four full episodes and am currently watching the fifth episode of the first season, and so far, every episode has scared the crap out of me. Some people might not be so susceptible to the kind of fear that the show plays to (Nathan, for instance, while he’s gotten jumpy, hasn’t gotten nearly as freaked as I have). Others, like the ones who were afraid of every monster and legend found in childhood, will find this show to be the grown-up version of All Their Fears Proven True.

So far, the first five episodes have dealt with—

  • A stranger in the house that you don’t know is a stranger at first, followed by death by fire caused by possible demons
  • Something (a Wendigo) killing people in the deep woods that you can’t see
  • A “seriously pissed-off ghost” that you can’t see drowning people in a lake
  • A demon that likes to crash airplanes (anyone have a fear of flying?)
  • The myth of Bloody Mary

I will never be able to sleep alone again.

And this is all Olivia’s fault. I must give you a non-sarcastic thank you for your great recommendation.

There’s also a bunch of references to The X-Files, which I love. It’s also a highly amusing show, in addition to being a scare-the-crap out of you show. The soundtrack tends to be classic rock and 80’s metal. One episode included a reference to Metallica with Dean called himself “Dr. James Hetfield.” Bwahahaha.

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